How to find cheap flights to Greece

How to find cheap flights to Greece


Get a visa, get a passport, buy a ticket.

These three documents are the essential piece of information you need to make a trip to Greece.


Find a cheap airline ticket.


Book your flight.


Book a hotel room.


Book accommodation.


Book flights.


Book trains.


Book hotels.


Book gas.


Find the cheapest hotel.


If you are planning to go to Greece, check the official Greek government website, www.greek.greece.gx.

The website will show you a list of airlines, and will ask you to pick your preferred airline.

They will also list the cheapest train tickets in Greece.

Be sure to choose the cheapest ticket on this page.

2/ The official Greek website.

3/ The Greek government’s official website.

4/ The website of the Greek Embassy in Paris.

5/ The European website of Air France.

6/ Air India website.

7/ The French Embassy in Athens.

8/ The Embassy of the United States of America in Athens, Athens.

9/ The American Embassy in Greece website.

10/ The embassy of the Republic of Georgia in Athens (and other Greek embassies abroad).

11/ The Athens International Airport website.

12/ The International Airport of Greece website (the website of a different Greek government agency).

13/ The airports in Athens and Perama (formerly known as Baskolat) website.

14/ The airport in Baskolis website.

15/ The main airport in Perama.

16/ The international airport in the city of Perama website.

17/ The country’s main airport (Greece) website (

18/ The city of Krete (formerly Krete, which is now called Krepina) website or the official website of Krepini, the Greek state agency for tourism.

19/ The government-run tourist website of Athens.

20/ The site of the Athens airport website.

21/ The Ministry of Tourism website.

22/ The Tourism Authority of Greece (TAG) website of Greece.

23/ The TAG website.

24/ The ministry of tourism website.

25/ The online portal for tourism in the country.

26/ The portal for tourists and travellers.

27/ The Official Greek website for travel.

28/ The national website of tourism.

29/ The National Tourism Agency website.

30/ The Department of Tourism of Greece homepage.

31/ The tourist website in the capital, Athens, www,

The site also lists hotels, restaurants and bars.

32/ The tour agency website.

33/ The accommodation website.

34/ The restaurant website.

35/ The hotel website.

36/ The hotels website.

37/ The bars website.

38/ The restaurants website.

39/ The pubs website.

40/ The travel agency website (GREEZIA.GOV).

41/ The visa website.

42/ The tourism agency website website (

43/ The information for tourists.

44/ The department of tourism and culture website (

45/ The local government website.

46/ The agency website of Tourism and Culture (tour.govgr).

47/ The company website of tour company GAVANA ( ( or of the company’s office in the municipality of Vologa (, Vologan.

48/ The service of the tourist agency in the local administration (touko.grr).

49/ The public information website of Tourism and Culture.

50/ The internet portal for the local government.

51/ The GVA website (touring.govgva).

52/ The regional office of the Ministry of Tourist and Culture, in the municipalities of Gorgona, Olynas, Orestes and Krepinos.

53/ The administrative office of Tourism, Culture and Tourism ( or of its local offices in the cities of Epidaurus, Athens and Piraeus.

54/ The websites of the national travel agency and the travel agency for the regional offices ( or tourism.govv).

55/ The sites of the local tourist agency.

56/ The offices of the state agency of tourism (gvo).

57/ The office of tourism for tourists in the provinces of Pristina, Larissa and Samos.

58/ The administration website of Vopis (visia.grgr).

59/ The state tourism agency in Vopi.

60/ The home page of the tourism department in the province of Pylos.

61/ The district office of local tourism in a town or city.

62/ The town’s tourism office website (


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