The new wave of travel agency vacancies is on its way to the Australian mainland

The new waves of travel industry vacancies are coming to the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

And they could have an impact on the way people travel.

The new wave comes from a shortage of travel agents across the country, as well as a growing demand for the services.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Employment says there are over 500 vacancies across Australia’s travel agencies.

It says there were 1,400 vacancies in the industry in 2017 and that the number of vacancies is set to grow by nearly 40 per cent by 2020.

But some travel agencies say they are facing a shortage and are hiring outside the sector.

They say the demand is strong and growing fast.

But for many Australians, that demand could mean paying more for the same services.

It is the latest in a series of signs of the rising cost of living in Australia.

And in the past few months, the cost of accommodation in Perth has jumped by more than 50 per cent, and the average price of a property in the city has jumped almost 70 per cent.

And the number who said they would not be able to afford to travel to Sydney or Melbourne has jumped to more than 15,000.

What to know about travel servicesThe average price per person in the country has risen from $3,300 in 2016 to $5,200 this year, according to the Department of Finance.

And it’s also increasing across the board, with the average cost of a hotel room rising by more the past year to $2,600.

There are now over 100,000 hotels in Australia, according the Department, but many are not regulated and are unregulated.

Some travel agencies are taking a hard line on what they charge.

Agency manager at Australian Travel Agency Richard Gough said it was not a good business model to offer a room for $10 a night.

“We are doing our best to keep prices down for customers, but we need to keep costs up for our staff,” he said.

“It’s just not the case.”

People will pay more and spend less, and that is not good for the business.

“Some travel agents are looking to other countries to fill their vacancies, especially in Asia.

But travel agency manager at travel agency travel staffing agency,Salem Travel Agency, said the growth in vacancies could mean it is not as cost effective to hire out as it once was.”

What we are seeing is the trend is going to be very fast, but if you look at some of the markets we’re doing work with, we are also seeing a huge growth,” he told news.com.au.”

There are people looking to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines as the next big markets.

“Mr Gough says he expects to see more vacancies on the horizon.”

I don’t know how many there are, but it is very hard to keep up with demand and there is always a shortage,” he added.”

The question is what we do with the extra capacity that we have to keep our staff happy and we have a lot of vacancies.

“So we’re just looking at other options.”

He says the biggest challenge for any travel agency will be to keep their staff happy.

“When you have a staff that are getting more and more frustrated because they don’t get what they want and they are having a lot more trouble than they used to,” he explained.

“But you have to be careful with your workforce because that is a lot to ask for, but they are going to have to put up with that.”



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