Joy in Njoro as Cecilia Muthoni returns home after 35 years

Cecilia Muthoni and daughters speaking to the media

For 35 years, Cecilia Muthoni’s daughters and mother have been on their knees. They’ve been hopefully praying and hoping that at least they would get to see her again. All their prayers were answered when they received a letter from Muthoni.

The letter, a fifth through which she had tried to contact her family was sent through a local primary school and took almost six months to arrive. In the letter, she had included her grandson’s phone number through which she could be contacted.

In 1984, Muthoni and her colleague left Nairobi headed to Tanzania to look for the proverbial green pastures. It was here that she met a man with whom she had a daughter. This was her third born as she already had two more daughters in Kenya. Her eldest daughter, Lucy was only 13 when her mother left.

In 1992, Cecilia Muthoni planned to return to her country of birth. Unfortunately, she was involved in a grisly road accident that saw her become incapacitated for some time. After her recovery, she tried to return back home but her daughter’s father could not let her leave with her.

“I couldn’t imagine leaving my daughter in a foreign country with strangers. That’s why I chose to continue living there,” reveals Cecilia. By this time, she had lost all contact with her family back in Kenya.

On Sunday 26th May, Cecilia Muthoni had finally returned to find her two elder daughters all grown and mothers. Her mother is now 100 years old. It was a reunion full of emotions.

On Tuesday, the family had invited relatives from far and wide, friends and neighbours to join them in celebrating the safe return of their long lost prodigal daughter.

“It is a dream come true. We had almost given up hope of ever seeing our aunt that most of the family members have only heard about,” said a family spokesperson.

Also in attendance were representatives from the office of the area MP Charity Kathambi and the office of the Nakuru County Senator, Susan Kihika.

“This must be one of the best moments for this family. The Senator has sent her office to celebrate with the family and welcome Cecilia back to her motherland. As an office, we shall do all that we can to ensure the rest of the family is assisted back in the country,” promised Mr Gitau Kamau speaking on behalf of the office of the Senator.

The Senator’s office and the MP’s office also made contributions to assist the family in putting up a house for the newly returned woman.